The Add a reaction and Remove a reaction steps enable you to add Emoji reactions to a notification message previously created in your Mission. They look like this when choosing a new step to add to yoru Mission:

Currently you can only add and remove reactions from Notify steps.

Reactions in Practice

Emoji Reactions are a great way to communicate meaning to messages. In the example below, the 🆕 emoji is added when the request is create and waiting to be assigned, then 👀 is added once someone is looking at my request, and finally ✅ is added when the request is resolved. 

This pattern allows you to quickly scan a channel to understand the status of each request.

Using Reactions

Adding a reaction to a notification message is easy, just select the notification step from the Mission and then choose the emoji. All of your team's custom emoji will appear here as well. 🎉

Removing a reaction worked exactly the same way.

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