Logic steps let you split off down different paths if certain conditions are met. 

For example, if in Step 1 of the Mission you collect a "Priority" field in a Dialog form, you can use the value of Priority to decide which path to take in the Mission. If the Priority is "High" choose the "High Priority" path, other wise go down the "Normal" path.

In this example, the "High Priority" path includes a specific notificaiton whereas the "Normal" path does not.

How Logic Steps Work

A Logic step may define up to five paths and each corresponding condition is tested in the order listed. Data gathered throughout the Mission can be compared to expected values to decide which path to traverse.

Once you've selected a text value from the Mission to compare, choose one of the builtin operators: "is", "is not", "starts with", "ends with" or "contains".

Finally, enter the expected text to the right of the operator. You may specify multiple values that match such that if any one of the values match, the path is chosen. For example, if the Priority is "High" or "Medium".

Logic steps work just like Yes/No steps except that a person doesn't have to explicitly click a button to decide which path to go down.

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