The Poll step allows you to conduct a simple, private, poll in a specific channel. The poll questions are sent as DMs to the recipients. When the poll is complete, you can post the results to a channel or send them to an individual. Polls are useful when you need the members of a channel to vote.

How to setup a poll:

  1. Go to your Mission (or create a new one).
  2. Click to "Add a step".
  3. Select "Poll" from the Building Blocks section.
  4. Now we can add your poll question.
  5. Add the poll options. Each option will end up being a button in the poll message.
  6. Next, choose the channel that you'd like to poll and the percentage of people that you'd like to receive the poll. The recipients are selected at random.
  7. Finally, add the duration of the poll. This is how long the poll will be open for voting.
  8. Save the step.
  9. Now, we'll setup where to post the results of the poll. Click "Add a step" and select a Notify step.
  10. In the instructions, click the lightning bolt icon to choose dynamic data.
  11. Select "Formatted results" for the poll step. This will post the results of the poll once the duration passes or all of the members have voted.
  12. Save the step.

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