The Update Message step lets you update the content of a Notify step previously created in a Mission. With this you can communicate updates to workflow status in realtime within the context of an existing message, minimizing "noise".

The "Anchor Message" Pattern

When Missions sends multiple messages of the same launched Mission in the same channel, subsequent messages are automatically threaded under the first. By default, messages are also broadcast to the channel, but if you enable the "Prefer Threaded Messages Only" option, a message will only show in the thread. This option minimizes the chatter in the main channel and keeps all of the details related to one instance of a Mission compartmentalized in a tidy thread.

With this pattern, we use a Notification message as the first message in a channel and call it the "anchor message". As the mission progresses, and new messages are sent into the thread, you can use the Update Message step to change the contents of the anchor message to convey up to date status (alternatively, you can use Add/Remove Reaction Steps to do something similar with Emoji Reactions). 

Using the Update Message Step

Configuring an Update Message Step is quite trivial. Just select the Notification step created previously and enter the new contents the message.

Example Legal Document Review

To better demonstrate what this looks like in a workflow. This video shows how the Update Message step can be used to update the status of the "anchor message" throughout a legal document review Mission.🙌

🙌 Let us know if you have any questions!

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