Installing a Mission into a channel allows anyone in the channel to launch your workflow by entering the slash command: /missions. After entering the slash command, a list of all of the Missions that are installed in that channel will be shown along with buttons to launch any of the workflows:

Persistent Launch Buttons

Installing in a channel is a great way to give other team members a way to launch workflows, but slash commands aren't very discoverable. To address this issue, we've added a feature called Persistent Launch Buttons.  

When you enable a Persistent Launch Button for a workflow, it pins a button to the bottom of the channel with a button to launch the Mission. These buttons will always be at the bottom of the channel, so we recommend using them in task specific channels (example: #req-office-supplies).

Adding a Dialog Form

You can add a Slack dialog form when anyone launches the Mission from the channel. This lets you quickly collect information that you can use later in the Mission. Just click the "Add a dialog form" button. When someone launches the Mission, they will immediatley be presented with your form.

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