Slack dialogs are a convenient way to collection information from people to support a Mission workflow, but they are limited in the volume of data they can collect. Using a Google form to trigger a Mission is a great way to work around that limitation. 

As a convenience, we have developed a Google Forms add-on that you can install into your forms and automatically trigger a Mission when forms are submitted.

The Missions for Slack add-on is published into the G Suite Marketplace and therefore available to all G Suite users. To install the add-on into a form, from the form's edit screen, click the "More" button (3 vertical dots) and click "Add-Ons." Then search for the "Missions for Slack" add-on and follow the instructions to install.

In order for the form data to trigger a mission, you must configure the given form's add-on to point to the Mission trigger webhook URL. You will need to complete this step for any form using the add-on.

Click the "Add-Ons" button (puzzle piece), select "Missions for Slack" then "Configure." You should see the following "sidebar" on the Google Forms edit screen.

Within the Missions web application locate (or create) the Mission you want to trigger and add a webhook trigger. Select and copy the "Webhook endpoint."

Navigate back to the Google Form and enter the copied URL into the "Webhook Endpoint URL" field. Click "Test" to send a test request from the form to you Mission.

From the Missions webhook trigger step edit screen, click on the "I sent the request" button and the screen should update with the available output fields matching the questions you created in the Google Form.

That's it! The data passed from the Google Form can now be used in subsequent steps of the Mission. 

Important note: The "file upload" question type is currently not supported.

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